My Menopause Journey

One minute I was cruising along, managing everything that life threw my way and then all hell broke loose – hot sweats, foggy brain, headaches, and my whole world came crumbling down….

Enter the Menopause!

As I struggled with the menopause and the physical symptoms that came with it, I felt a sense of desperation and hopelessness, especially in terms of my own body and the changes that I was not expecting or ready for. 

As women, we spend way too much of our time focusing on the areas of our lives that will not correct our problems and when you are in the menopause the only thing you can focus on is getting through one day at a time. 

I learned this the hard way and ignored the initial signs of the menopause, neglecting my health and my wellbeing, whilst focusing on the outer rather than the inner because I wanted to ignore what was happening. 

The one struggle that I know we can all relate to is the lack of feeling any relevance in society just because we are deemed as being old. Trying to shop for clothing that suited my new body shape was extremely difficult and did knock my confidence initially as it was the realisation that my body had changed, and there was nothing I could do about it. 

I can help women bring back style confidence into their life by showing the key areas you need to focus on whilst supporting you drop the old style habits, creating new ones for the new chapter in your life.

What has your journey been like in the menopause .... let's talk ...

Much Love




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