Virtual / 1:1 Event Styling

Imagine shopping with your very own expert stylist who fully understands your needs and will ensure you look your very best every day.

The Virtual Event Styling Shopper Service can save you the hassle of trawling through the shops by having the clothes sent to your home address, to try on in the comfort of your own home. 

Who is it for?

If any of the following applies to you then The Menopause Stylist is here to help!

  • Not sure which colours and or styles best suits you for this special event

  • Have you changed body shape and need new clothes to compliment your shape. Recently changed your lifestyle or are planning on changing your lifestyle/job and in need of a new image

  • Feel like it’s time for a brand new image

  • Need help with a new wardrobe but lead a busy lifestyle and want to shop more quickly and efficiently

  • Tend to impulse buy and waste money and want to start shopping more sensibly with flattering items you are actually going to wear

  • Need help with an outfit for a particular occasion

  • Dislike shopping and want to make it more enjoyable

  • Want to shop with an expert to make the most of your shopping and pick up professional tips 

What happens on the day!

  • You will have a 1 hr introductory call via Zoom where Gloria will introduce herself to you.

  • During this call Gloria will delve into your struggles, how and why you lost your confidence, and what your journey in the menopause has been like. 

  • We will discuss how to feel and look relevant to society as a menopausal woman and how and why you need to embrace this to become empowered.

  • You will have already had a preliminary phone consultation and filled out a detailed client questionnaire form, so your needs have been identified and what you wish to get out of the day. 

  •  Gloria will already have done the research based on your client consultation form, finding the best styles and shapes to suit your needs

  • You will be shown how to dress for your body shape, the colours which suit you the most, how to accessorise successfully and maximise what you buy. You will gain invaluable tips on how to dress stylishly and confidently for your lifestyle and your personality

  • You will be introduced to shops which best suit your personality, style, and budget

  • You will be given useful hints and tips on how to shop effectively when alone, a colour analysis chart to keep and ongoing support after your shopping experience.