Seasonal Colour Trends

Image by Mika Baumeister

There is no particular method or technique that is used by the fashion industry when it comes to determining the colour of the season. Themes and colours seem to show up in shows one season and then the following season can become a key colour, followed by the next being an accent colour. There is no rhyme or reason for it, so in my opinion, wear what works for you.

As we get older, our skin tone changes and can often become dull. 

By wearing the right colours that enhance our natural skin tone and colouring, we can create the following -

  • Enhance our natural colouring

  • Look younger

  • Lift our natural features

  • Make our skin look clearer and healthier

  • Make our eyes appear larger and brighter

  • Make our face look more defined

Whereas, less flattering colours can -

  • Make us look tired and older

  • Emphasise facial lines, wrinkles and blemishes

  • Create a pasty or grey complexion

  • Make our faces appear fuller

  • Make our eye colour look duller

  • Wearing the wrong colour can make the colour appear as if they are wearing us !!

The best and easiest way to determine your colours is to look at your skin tone. Do you have a warm or cool undertone? 

There is a simple way to work out what colours you look best in and this can be found in the four seasons of the year -

SPRING - Warm -  Bright, Light (peaches, lime, baby pink, turquoises)

AUTUMN - Warm -  Soft, Deep (gold, rust, browns, warm oranges, dark reds)

SUMMER - Cool - Soft, Light (baby blues and pinks, raspberry pink and royal blues)

WINTER - Cool -  Bright, Deep (Cerise, deep blues, purples, reds, icy blues, grey, bright green)

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Here is the link for those interested in the predicted colour trend for Spring/Summer 2021

Every year the fashion shows across the world display an array of designs, including colour trends, which cascades onto the high streets.