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Get the look: classic camel coat

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

One of my all time favourites for the winter season has to be the camel coat. First launched at the end of the First World War in 1919 by Jaeger, it placed London on the fashion map.

The camel coat is over 100 years old and is still deemed fashionable due to its versatility, along with the various designs created over the years , making it a coat that can be worn by any generation.

To really show the depth of the coat and the beauty of the colour camel in the autumn/winter season, wear it with a neutral palette. Black, grey, white, cream, navy and brown along with various shades of beige add a touch of classiness along with a crisp chicness for the season.

However as our we get older our skin tone changes where it becomes dull due to the depletion of certain hormones, making it ever more important to wear colour. As much as the beauty of the beiges and neutral colours work beautifully, it can also be very draining on older women, so I would recommend adding some strong accent colours, like crimson red, aubergine, burnt orange and emerald green, either in an accessory item like a scarf or in block colour pieces i.e skirt, blouse, dress.

Wear your camel coat with jeans, leather trousers, pencil skirts and a little black dress for the ultimate classic chic look. For an edgy streetwear look team it up with a cream, beige, black or white tracksuit with some comfy trainers .... my all day look !!

It's one of those all year round items, a timeless and signature piece that should be in all of our closets, it literally complements everything.

Forever stylish and dependable, its a no brainer purchasing this piece !!

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