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Lights, Camera ........ Confidence

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Why is it as women get older and they enter the menopause, they just stop living, wanting to look beautiful, in fact some just stop functioning .......... WHY ‼️‼️

The menopause has so many effects on our wellbeing, that just surviving and getting through the day is enough to get on with.

Getting up in the morning, looking in the mirror and not even recognising who the hell you are staring at is scary enough, and then, to have to go and get dressed, well why bother when nothing actually looks good anymore.

You don’t actually give a shit about what you look like because you haven’t slept all night due to the hot flushes and the insomnia, so no one better say another word to you about how you look.

Sounds familiar ?????

Yes this was ME ‼️

I felt my confidence just disappear overnight because I was trying to deal with what was going on internally with no actual understanding of the process let alone the effects - hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, insomnia, low moods and/or anxiety to name a few.

Another thing that that really knocked my confidence was looking in the mirror and watching my body change. I wasn’t eating anything different and I wasn‘t eating more than usual yet each week I gained a pound or two. Not even at full term pregnancy did I weigh this much yet here I am, looking different. I felt overweight and out of control. I tried diets that I knew previously worked for me and nothing was really working. So I STOPPED ........

Being in the fashion industry I always felt the need to dress I certain way to project myself and the weight gain made me realise how much it does not cater for women in the menopause era. We do not need cardigans and velcro styled sketcher shoes for comfort, but clothes that are still sophisticated, elegant, pretty and comfortable without being frumpy.

I looked at at myself and realised .... I AM STILL ALIVE, I AM STILL BEAUTIFUL, and THE MENOPAUSE IS NOT FOREVER.

So get a grip of yourself and start dressing for your new shape.

I emptied my my wardrobe of all the clothes pre-menopause and pre-age 45 upwards and went shopping. I wouldn’t say I looked for anything different but I looked for items that I could wear differently.

Adding colour, adding frills, lowering necklines, adding peplums, adding shape, adding prints........ the list is endless. My wardrobe is endless right now and it’s all because I have accepted the change, and embraced the menopause.

My confidence is all about me and no one else. The media plays a huge part in how we perceive ourselves and we as women need to take control of this for ourselves. I have never been one for the media and I very rarely watch the news or buy newspapers so any perception I have is what I have led myself to believe.

Do do you need help with your wardrobe?

Let me help you gain back your confidence through your style. Every little change that we make helps us cope daily and even if this is just one step you make, it’s better than none.


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