• Gloria Smythe

Lush in Velvet & Velour

How can you not love velvet or velour, when it looks like this ....

Velvet has been traced back as far as 1499 and was once the most sought after fabrics in the world. Velvet has a short dense pile giving it a distinctive soft feel. It is often made from cotton but can also be made from linen and wool as well as silk.

There is aanother fabric called Velour which is a knitted version which means it can be stretchy. It is thinner than velvet and stretchier which means that it is cooler to wear and can be created in various styles, especially in the summer. The colours that velour is being made in for this season, are totally amazing and a must for the summer evening. When in the menopause, keep your fabrics soft and breathable, which velour is, designed simple but chic.

Whereas, velvet is a popular winter fabric and is gorgeous when designed for coats, skirts and fitted dresses. When created in soft creams and blush pinks/peach, eveningwear looks STUNNING........

As a stylist I would recommend wearing velour for the beauty of the stretch and the way the pile hides lumps and bumps in areas that we are so conscious of. But don’t forget the velvet embossed coats that are out there too, for autum and winter, it’s a vintage look with a modern twist which works well.


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