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Menopause Retreats

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Every woman loves to have a spa weekend with a best friend, loved one or even their partner, to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul whilst being pampered.

It’s the time to just leave everything behind and just relax for the next 48 hours or more, but has anyone thought of going to a Menopause Retreat?

Whilst in the menopause, we have so many different symptoms going on, that it can often seem like you are losing your mind. When it’s not anxiety, hot flushes, brain fog and much much more, it’s work and home issues that we are trying to balance, and putting ourselves last.

At this point in our lives self care has never been more important. Menopause Retreats are definitely huge in 2019 and there are so many retreats around the world, in so many beautiful locations.

I have never ever been, but this has to be on top of my list for 2019. You can have consultations with gynaecologists, cardiologists, nutritional help..... the list is endless.

I can’t believe I have never thought about going to one of these retreats before, but then maybe that’s because I didn’t know they existed.

Did you know ???????

Check our the link below to see a few of the ones I will be looking into

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