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The Classic White Shirt

There is that one item of clothing that never fades and no it’s not denim , but the classic white shirt. There is something so Parisian about the white shirt that makes it the trump card in your wardrobe.

A white shirt can and is extremely sexy. Who remembers that photo of Marilyn Munroe, wearing a crisp shirt and a pair of jeans on the set of The Misfits...... in 1961. Our own Elizabeth Taylor stated that “every woman should have a great white shirt in her wardrobe” and it is still a statement that remains true today.

I remember seeing Carolina Herrera wearing a crisp white shirt with a huge skirt at the close of one of her runway shows, which had an air of evening wear yet edgy daywear to it. Princess Diana, Sade, Meghan Markle and so much more women have varied the way they wear it thus making the white shirt an effortlessly chic item.

It is true to say that there are so many ways in which the white shirt can be worn. I have seen it tied in a knot at the front, worn as a dress, or just worn loosely over a pair of trousers. However there are also so many takes on the white shirt that makes it even more popular today. They come collarless, oversized and pleated, worn with stunning cufflinks for the corporate edge and of course the tailored shirt.

If you haven’t got one of these staple pieces in your wardrobe ...... get one 💚💚💚

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