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The Comfy Suit

Who doesn’t like or want to wear a comfy tracksuit?.

We all have those days where we just want something loose and comfortable and as we are in our second lockdown of the year, the resurgence of the tracksuit is now bigger than ever. Being confined to our homes and possibly working from home with the odd trip to the supermarket has literally left us with there being no reason to make an effort to dress up anymore. With zero effort being made, it’s all about pulling on a pair of leggings (who designed these 🤔🤔🤔) a baggy T-shirt , oversized jumpers ... basically anything that requires no thought or energy.

During the menopause, there are days when all we want and or need is something comfy we can lounge in, go out, and not be judged as a ‘chav’ for wearing. We also need to change our mindsets, from feeling and being non relevant to be more present. Remove ‘oh I can’t be bothered’ to ‘today is a comfy day, but I am still making the effort’. The first statement is a favourite for all of us, regardless of age but more so as we get older. It says and often represents the following ... I don’t need to, laziness, too tired and I don’t care, or not interested, which generally is a reflection of our mood at that point. However as we get older this becomes our daily chant and becomes our norm. Let’s all move more towards the second statement and make this your morning mantra ... ‘today is a comfy day, but I am still making an effort'. Here, we are wearing our comfy tracksuit, we have combed our hair, washed our face, moisturised, added some lipgloss, mascara and a smile .... we are now in a positive state of mind, we want to be noticed (and yes, we should be noticed), we feel good about ourselves and we start the day confident.

The high street and more so the online market, are now presenting us with high end fabrics displaying a hint of luxury, quality and subtle added details, which has resulted in more high end designers joining this area of the market. Super soft fabrics have now been introduced to the industry, with breathable fabrics, available in a wide range of bold colours, which work for us menopausal women. They are cottony, non abrasive and porous, in numerous styles that we can all wear regardless of age, size or height.

Some of my favourite all round styles that are currently trending can be found in TopShop, ASOS, H&M, DKNY and ZARA.

If you're feeling fierce and edgy on the day, wear your heels ladies...... and match the bottoms with a blazer instead.

There is no better time than now to join the comfy tracksuit clan. Comfies are the way to go ladies ....

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