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Why choose an Online Stylist ...

Are you now stuck in a midlife style rut, where you feel that you are wearing the same old clothes that no longer suit or benefit you?

Have you recently gained weight due to hormonal changes, and you are now unsure as to how to dress your new found body shape?


Have you just given up shopping as you feel that there is no longer anything out on the high streets that you can wear?

Shopping is not always an enjoyable trip for everyone, regardless of whether you have a personal shopper to help you, so why not work with an Online Personal Stylist, where you can get all the benefits of personal styling without having to commit to an in-store shopping trip. .

Not only will you be saving time shopping in store, you will save money travelling, which is a perfect solution for people who do not live near a stylist.

How does it all work?

There are 3 steps -

1. When you make your initial contact with your personal stylist, you will be sent a questionnaire for completion which will need o be returned as soon as possible. This questionnaire will ask you some in depth questions pertaining to your body shape, your budget and a brief from yourself outlining your needs.

2. On receipt of your questionnaire, a consultation call will be booked with you within 24hrs, which will normally be via Zoom, where we have a face to face discussion. This is so that your stylist can introduce her/himself to you which breaks down any barriers or concerns as to who you are working with and it’s also a chance for them to get to know you.

The call is normally booked for 2 hrs as the first part of the call is where they want to know where you are in your journey within midlife and how this has left you in terms of how you feel you look on the outside and why. We discuss your personality, your desires and aspirations.

3. The second half is where we deep dive into some body analysis where we define your body shape and create a style that is going to work for you. It’s not all about the trend but it’s about creating your own style that sets your own trend.

What are the benefits -

It is an in depth 2 hrs, but one that will make you look within yourself and think about when and where you lost the confidence, and how you now perceive yourself and your outer appearance. You will begin to feel absolutely fabulous once you complete your experience with your online stylist, especially when everyone starts complimenting you on the changes, making you feel noticed and relevant again..

The next step will be for your stylist to create you a lookbook of pieces that are specific to your body shape with links to the items. Several looks will be created for you, giving you the perfect capsule wardrobe.

A good stylist should always listen to your needs and what your apprehension may be in terms of clothing that may be new to you when introduced and how it makes you feel. It’s absolutely pointless creating you stylish looks that you will more than likely place to the back of your wardrobe as soon as your stylist has finished and if this happens, it’s time to stop the process right there.

As a stylist, I look to build relationships with all my clients and will always complete follow up calls over the following 3 months to check how they are feeling about the looks created and have they actually implemented the change., which can be really daunting initially, but with some confidence boosting , the change can happen.

Over time our style changes not because of our age but more because we are physically not the same as we were 20 years ago, and not so much fashion itself as this recycles through the years with a different twist.

What we choose to wear over the years will depend on how much we want to cover up more, or whether we just want the comfort of wearing slightly looser clothing as we get older. Comfort will always come with age, however that does not mean you cannot be trendy in the looks you create.

Some fashion tips –

· Add block colours and prints to your wardrobe.

· Layering is also key as this can not only be comfortable, but if styled right looks very sophisticated.

· Purchase your staple pieces, white shirt, blazer jacket, pencil skirt, denim jeans, t-shirts and of course the little black dress, with lots of accessories … works well every time !!

If you are still struggling with this, then this is where your personal stylist comes in and where we carve out looks that reflect the inner you, that is still young at heart but edgy and fierce in age!!

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